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living a zero waste & healthy lifestsyle

Living a zero waste & zen lifestyle blog – Zero & Zen

We are a small eco family with a passion for the world that we live in. We have four amazing children, our oldies left university and the other three are all still at school. We also have a very anxious cockapoo dog, one crazy rag doll cat and a cute Gecko named Leon. 

We have a passion to help our planet & love anything, eco friendly, natural, sustainable, zero waste & just being more zen, so we decided to put our favourite articles, vegan recipes & products under one roof and created the Zero & Zen blog so everyone can start living a zero waste & healthy lifestyle.

Opinions matter

We know what our visitors think matter most. So we’ll make sure that every comment on site is read, and more importantly worked on if any feedback is given or negative experience is had. Using what we can, we’ll make sure all our most popular articles & recipes are where they should be, at the front so you can get to them easier!

Giving back – who we support

We strongly believe that every little bit helps when it come to the environment and what we all do today will hopefully have a positive impact on our planet in the future.

We Support

Surfers Against Sewage by giving them a small amount monthly, they are doing an amazing job making our drinking water and ocean cleaner & safer.

The small changes we make today, make greater changes for our future.




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